Sexy, free, and single. This Ohio boy moseyed his way on over to California to seek many long walks on the beach. Ronald likes spending his time dedicating himself to work, and by work we mean screwing around productively. His departing words plan to be along the lines of “It was worth it.”, “That’s how you roll a proper Katamari!”, or just yelling out “BLUE-SCREEN” then dying.



Words cannot properly describe her, but with our budget they’ll have to do. This girl was never raised on the hardened streets of Gotham, instead she grew up along side her twin sister who seemed to always be there for her. Eventually, Brianna found out that her twin sister wasn’t actually always around: she’d be there only when shiny objects were around. Then she found out the news: Her sister was her own reflection.┬áDevastated, Brianna moved to California to work on her current education, all in the name of her deceased sister.